Active Implant Design & Manufacture Capabilities

Conceptualize, design, develop, industrialize and manufacture minimally invasive implantable devices and accessories.                                                                                               

With the experience working on the design and manufacture of more than 100 Class III implant projects, our team of experts can manage the design & development, manufacturing, supply chain, testing and quality requirements of the most challenging electronic implant and/or implant accessory.  With design teams in Switzerland, the USA we have the design resources to address your most complex implants.

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We welcome you to bring us your most complex active implant concept.  We will use our expertise in miniaturization to help you with:

  • Complete project management model
  • Design verification and product qualification
  • Optimal design for manufacturability
  • A miniaturized packaging solution offering you an optimal size and reduced weight
  • Final encapsulation, packaging and sterilization
  • Reliability and performance that you and your customers can count on
Accelerating Time to Market 
Typical Implant Project Sequences: 40 to 54 weeks with Design Review at each Stage

Phase One Feasibility

Phase Two    Design, Development & Assessment

Phase Three  Testing & Quaification

Phase Four Manufacturing & Implementation

Concept / Project Approval Marketing Acceptance Engineering Production Documentation Production Documentation/ Device Master Record
Project Team Design, Development Documentation Update Risk Mgt Plan Acceptance for Mfg.
User Needs Risk Mgt Plan Process FMEA Validation Risk Mgt. File
Risk Management (Mgt) Plan Design FMEA Results Design Validation Final Design Review
Design Inputs Design Freeze Clinical Plan Update or Implementation  
Design Plan Quaity Plan Risk Mgt. Report  
Project Timeline Validation Master Plan Manufacturing Implementation  
Marketing Strategy Design Testing Plan Document Reviews  
Quality Strategy Forecast Logistics Plan Design Review  
Regulatory Strategy Environmental, Health & Safety Review    
Manufacturing Strategy Manufacturing Strategy    
Intellectual Property Requirements Check List    
  Design Testing Results    
  Design Verification/ Document Reviews    
  Design Review