Advanced Electronics for Diagnostic Imaging

Advanced micro-electronic assembly and packaging infrastructure CMOS, MEMS and X-Ray.

As the world of digital imaging demands real-time processes, higher resolution and more portable devices, Valtronic is answering the call with advanced electronic and sensor packaging. 

An important aspect of our capabilities which benefits diagnostic imaging manufacturers is our ability to continually adapt and push the limits of electronic packaging to keep up with our customer demands. Current packaging capabilities include:

Micro-electronic and surface mount technologies

  • Flip-Chip Soldered Flip Chip - Pitch down to 200µm, Accuracy: 15µm @ 3s
  • Glued Flip Chip - Stud bump pitches down to <100µm (on single-sided flex circuit) precision: +/- 5µm normal, +/- 1µm high
  • 55 micron wire bonding density and heavy wire bonding to 500 um diameter
  • Multi-layer flex/rigid flex circuits with vias, spaces and traces under 25 µm
  • SMT - fine pitch down to 01005 components (tin lead and lead-free)

Valtronic's Roadmap is taking us to:

  • Flip-Chip pitches below 100-microns (80-micron by year 2012)
  • Printed Circuit Boards with less than 25-micron spaces and traces
  • High Speed Flip-Chip automation equipment
Our electronic miniaturization design & manufacturing processes have been applied to:
  • Digital X-Ray Detectors - Chip-on-Board, Chip-on-Flex
  • Portable Ultrasound Imager - High Density Flip-Chip Operation
  • CT & PET Detector Modules - Flex Circuitry

Interested in Sensor Assembly? Click below to download a presentation.