Supply Chain Management


Optimizing Performance All Over The World

Together with a large network of qualified suppliers spanning across the globe, Valtronic is able to handle even the most complex bill of materials. Based on a proven process map, the group plans, purchases, assembles, and tests with full traceability to the lot to provide complete extended supply chain services.

Our experience in efficient global contract manufacturing and more than 25,000 m2 of manufacturing facilities spanning over three continents make us perfectly equipped to fulfill even the most complex electronic and mechatronic product orders.

  • Manage complex BOMs involving a mix of standard components and custom parts, from single unit prototyping up to volume production.
  • GMP trained and certified teams to apply the highest standards and processes during incoming inspection and quality control during manufacturing to ensure the conformity of all elements of your product.
  • Environmentally controlled manufacturing facilities which include ISO certified cleanrooms.
  • Assemble and test products combining standard technologies with microelectronics and precision machined parts for extreme miniaturization and high complexity.

Count on us to be flexible, responsive and transparent as we do our utmost to deliver your product on time and in respect of your requirements.

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