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While sophisticated electronic assembly capabilities are a fundamental component of Valtronic, we take pride in our unique microelectronic capabilities and our ability to successfully tailor our processes based on customer needs. We combine various microelectronic assembly technologies to achieve highest packaging density and miniaturization as well as very large pin counts. Partner with us today and allow us to help you solve your design challenges using our unique range of technologies and capabilities.

Valtronic’s dedicated team can help you concept, design, develop and manufacture advanced electromechanical systems through a combination of various microelectronic assembly technologies.

Electronic Miniaturization / Microelectronics
  • 3D-CSP
  • Chip-on-Board
  • Chip-on-Chip
  • A variety of standard and custom Flip-Chip technologies, down to 50um height
  • Handling of very large dies with several hundreds of bonds
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA), Chip Scale Packaging (CSP), Ceramic BGA, Ceramic Column BGA, Programmable Gate Array (PGA), down to 250um pitch
  • 0.4mm Quad Flat Pack (QFP)
  • Heat Seal and Zebra
  • Multi-chip modules (combining assembly technologies as needed)
  • Passive Discretes down to 008004
  • MEMS
Precision Machining
  • High-precision CNC Milling
  • Micro-mechanical Assembly
  • Material Engraving and Laser Marking
  • Intermediate and Final Cleaning
  • Surface Treatment
  • Rigid (up to 16 layers)
  • Rigid Flex
  • Flex (down to 50um thickness)

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