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Phase 2 – Design & Development

Reduced time to manufacturing

Valtronic’s R&D engineers are also leading the industrialization phase. Well aware of manufacturing constraints, they will design your solutions with manufacturing and testing in mind. This results in minimal iterations and faster industrialization.


Prototyping for earlier start of clinical trials

Prototypes being realized on production lines, you receive devices that are very close to your final product. This allows for an earlier start of the clinical trials and reduces the risk of having to reconduct the trials during the industrialization phase.


Phase 4 – Manufacturing

Full product lifecycle management

Valtronic processes include proactive obsolescence management with early identification of all critical electronical components.


Competitive assembly costs in Morocco

Your project costs can be optimized through partial or full assembly of your device in Valtronics’ Moroccan facility.


Manufacturing transfer and line duplications

You can expand your manufacturing capacity thanks to our flexible solutions for a seamless transfer or duplication of your product manufacturing operations into our facilities.


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