January 2016

Changing Role of the Medical Device Contract Manufacturer

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In the last ten years, OEMs were chasing lower costs in other countries for manufacturing. Most recently, we are finding OEMs willing to build/manufacture medical electronics in the United States due to lower total costs and this has had an impact of the medical market on the electronics manufacturing industry. This is great news for […]

November 2015

September 2015

Specification & Verification: Vital Points To Project Success

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In this blog article I want to discuss the specifications and verification phases of design & development project planning. As I look back at my experiences, I’ve faced a number of situations with tightened time frames where only the execution phase was implemented. Why you may ask? Ultimately, someone had a crazy idea to get […]

August 2015

Conformal Coating Vs. Potting

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Conformal coating is the norm for most electronic manufacturers. Conformal coating is a transparent layer of thin polymetric film, which “conforms” to the contour of the circuit board providing protection to the electronic circuit board.  This application is used to protect against moisture, chemicals, dust particles, and extreme temperatures.

Another form of coating is called potting. […]

Smaller, Smarter And Effective

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Miniaturizing growth is the way we work at Valtronic. The size, weight and volume are all considered when developing and manufacturing active implants and other medical devices. When it comes to making implantable medical devices, size begins to get smaller and smarter, bringing challenges to advanced circuitry and encapsulation.

Both titanium and titanium alloys have been […]

June 2015

March 2015

In-House Microbial-Controlled Clean Rooms

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A microbial-controlled clean room allows medical device manufacturers to handle the complete manufacturing process. By eliminating the need to ship finished devices to a third-party vendor for cleaning or packaging prior to sterilization, an in-house clean room helps to shorten the supply line, save time, and contain costs. Choosing a manufacturer without one increases the […]

December 2014

The Usefulness Of Nothing (Vacuums)

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You might think that nothing would be worthless, but creating nothing is actually very useful for PCBA manufacturing. At our contract manufacturing facility we use vacuums in a few different places to ensure that we are building a reliable product for the customer.

The attached video shows a pair of Peeps (Marshmallows) being placed into a […]

Lean In Contract Manufacturing Of Microelectronics

By |2019-06-17T08:36:17+02:00December 3rd, 2014|Contract Manufacturing|

The world we live in keeps getting smaller and smaller!  When it comes to Lean practices in manufacturing, typically the question that we are faced with is can Lean work for the business of manufacturing microelectronics?

In the past, most students of Lean have focused the tools and knowledge taken from Lean practices the automotive or […]